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21 December 2008 @ 06:21 pm
Several weeks ago, when Christmas seemed so very far away, I decided I would make homemade dog treats. Three of the siblings in our combined families have dogs. "What a lovely holiday surprise!," thought I. And then I thought on it no more.

It's December 21st (Happy Solstice, all!). The in-law gathering is on the 24th. That means I have two days (less time that I'm at work) to make several batches of biscuits. And several dozen Christmas cookies. Did I forget to mention I haven't finished shopping yet? Or had my driver's license renewed or the oil changed in my car. Or given my house more than a cursory cleaning. Or mailed even a single parcel.

I refuse to stress out. I might fret a wee bit, but I shall not give in to anxiety. There's enough that's lovely to balance it out: two days of snowfall. Handsome Tom playing with every ounce of his energy (nearly fifteen pounds of burly tomcat bouncing and spinning with a wee bit of string is both hilarious and adorable). My sparkly Christmas tree of hope. Cinnamon sugar cookies. Wrapping gifts (more HT action there) while watching Jane Eyre. Leftover pot roast. The just-past anniversary of adopting the one-eyed kitty, who has brought such sunshine and rainbows and joy into our lives. Wonderful friends, new and old. My amazing husband. Starman.

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