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Did you ever have one of those days where you are moving non-stop from dawn 'til dusk and beyond?

That was yesterday. I was up at 6 a.m. for an 8 o'clock class, and worked the desk at the gym until 1 o'clock. Then it was off to the grocery store to do shopping for myself and my mother-in-law amid the hordes of shoppers stocking up against the oncoming storm. Dropped things off with Mom K., raced home and all but threw the perishables into the fridge. Then I hauled three loads of wood from the main woodpile to fill up the log rack next to the house as well as the smaller holder inside (it is stacked well above the sides of the holder. it's even higher than the top of the woodstove. I Laura Ingalls'ed that bad boy.). The clock was ticking: I had to get to phototherapy, but the sun was already setting and there was nothing for it but to chop kindling before I left. Then it was phototherapy, a trip to TJs, an ill-advised trip to Paramus for what I thought would be the last of my holiday shopping, an abort of the Paramus shopping excursion when traffic and NJ drivers made me want to cry.

In keeping with the bustling nature of the rest of my day, the moment I got home it was go: feed the cats, clean the litter boxes, administer Zee's eyedrops, haul laundry to the basement and put a load in the washer, wash dishes, take garbage and recycling out.

But there was wine and a bubble bath and a long overdue reread of Sins of the Father and, after, love, actually and snuggles with kitties. Don, out late for a client Christmas party, made it home in one piece and well before any bad weather started, so that was a bit of happy. Even though our vacation was supposed to have been my birthday gift, he gave me presents: a new printer/photo printer that is dauntingly large and yet ever so shiny, and *squee!!* Photoshop Elements. Now I have no excuse but to step up learning how to really use my digital camera. Expect epic picspam in the coming months. Oh, and endless questions for those of you who have Elements. You have been warned!

Today moved at a much slower pace, and not just because I'm burned to all hells from the UV booth. There was snow - a goodly amount - and the considerable, self-imposed task of sorting through all of the stuff that has accumulated on/next to my night stand and on my dresser. That included sorting through all of my patches, faire pins, con pins and my overflowing jewelry box. It took hours. I'm a terrible pack rat. It would have been wise to harden my heart and throw things away without a second thought. Instead, I opted to pack some things away for a few months, at which point I'll revisit whether I really need them. Still, at the end of the day I can see the top of my dresser, and my night stand is clean, albeit stacked with books and graphic novels. Many, many books and graphic novels.

Oh, and just because I can, a special note for my sister: I know what you're getting for Christmas! Consider this payback for when you made me go looking for our gifts and I didn't want to know. Also, you threw rocks at me. Love you, Ker! *kisses*

credit for subject line goes to fair_juliet
Tags: birthday, home stuff, my awesome husband
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