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13 December 2008 @ 05:46 pm
End of the year meme, aught-eight style!

January: I'd hoped that my first entry of the year would be positive and shiny and full of hope and ponies*

February: A couple of months past, we had a mousely visitor.

March: hee!

April: I am clumsy. There. I said it.

May: Just putting out feelers: If the Crimson Pirates did a gig out on Long Island, would you go?

June: I've got stories and a few pictures from WizardWorld Philadelphia, but for now I'll just share this -

July: I was going to make a Flag Cake for Saturday's gathering.

August: This post comes to you from the land of shallowness, aka The Magical Realm of HIMYM Awesomeness*: in a bit of Dr. Horrible withdrawal, I've been re-watching How I Met Your Mother.

September: Well, buggrit.

October: Last night, my dearest handed me one of these:

November: I love having rehearsal at our place. It forces me to clean the house.

December: I ate a brownie for breakfast. From there, it was all downhill.

I start with "I" an awful lot. Also, I seem to have a thing for colons. The punctuation, that is.
Kelladyjoust on December 14th, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)
Good advice, that.