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In light of my last post, I've determined to exercise EVERY DAY for the next two weeks. Yes, I know, I'm a kickboxing instructor, but the greater part of my classes are spent bopping about amongst the clients, correcting form or offering encouragement. And I totally bail on push-ups because of my stupid shoulder (kids, you may think jousting is cool. and it is. but don't do it. ever. just say "nay, my liege!").

Today was a kickboxing day, and it was a good class. I forced myself to do all of the push-ups (it's one thing to wuss out when you have the out of "I'm teaching, so I have to split my focus" but another thing entirely when you're an instructor taking a class) and really focused when we were doing target mitts. Throughout the class, the instructor was encouraging us to push a bit harder. "Think of the mashed potatoes, the gravy, the stuffing, that piece of pumpkin pie!" And you know, she had me right up to that last bit. I didn't have any pumpkin pie. I didn't have any dessert. My mother-in-law, she of the enormous sweet tooth, was roundly disappointed that I had no sweets to offer when I dropped off a sampling of my frankly kick-ass turkey dinner. We even tried to surprise her with Unexpected Ice Cream! last night, but it turned out the Bellvale Creamery was only a few hours away from closing for the season. All they had left was a bit of strawberry sorbet and a half a scoop of low-fat ginger almond delight.

Today was also a grey and rainy/snowy/sleety day, perfect for baking. First I had to go to the grocery store wherein I completely misplaced my wallet and had to retrace my steps (and when I say 'retrace my steps,' I mean 'sprint down each aisle, dodging elderly shoppers and trying not to come off as an entirely crazy person whilst willing myself not to burst into multi-layered tears'). But after that - and laundry - I baked. It was only a single batch of cheesecake brownies, but oh - oh! - it was enough. Don ran a couple of pieces over to his mum. Later, after we'd had our crisp, fresh salads and supremely garlicky shrimp and scallop scampi, we finally had our dessert. And it was awesome.

So. Now I'm fully ready to be guilted about it. Tomorrow, it's either a hike (weather permitting) or another class. And possibly my yoga DVD. And, since, I also have to make a final decision on which swimsuit to get, it's may well be all three.
Tags: food, kickboxing
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