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Hearken to me, flist, for I seek your advice!

When Don asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I was ready: a Le Creuset dutch oven. And an immersion blender, but that's not relevant here. Here is my question for you: what size ought I to get? I don't want to go too small, but I also don't want unwieldy. I've heard the 5.5 qt round is lovely for cooking no-knead bread, but that the 6 qt. oval is too small to comfortably braise chicken and brown stew meat and roasts. I really don't care what color the creature is; we have an outlet near us, and I'm all about getting the product for the lowest price possible. I don't, however, want to throw substantial money away on something that might not suit.

**bonus follow up question:** What do you want for the winter-holiday-of-your-choice? This is a rare year for me in that there are a few things I would actually be delighted to receive (OMG BOOKSTORE GIFT CERTIFICATES!!! The book withdrawal is dire).

**bonus bonus follow up:** have you begun your holiday shopping?
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