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I voted. So did Don. We went together, because we're dorky like that, even though it meant I ended up being half an hour early for work.

My sister in Connecticut voted, too, and I am so blasted proud of her. Not for voting; that she has always done. I'm proud of her for giving her vote serious thought and consideration. About an hour after I talked to Kerry, my mom called to tell me she'd just returned from the polls. We talked a bit about how she arrived at her decision, and then we talked a bit about how we thought Dad would have cast his vote.

And now we wait. I need to take a break from checking all the news pages. I'm horrifyingly emotional, welling up over stories and photos and that video of the line of voters at the University of Pennsylvania.

p.s. Why oh why does my polling place never have stickers? I voted, darn it! I want adhesive validation!

p.p.s. My polling place had the curtain and lever machines! That almost made up for the lack of stickers.
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