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Rehearsal was fun!

The only downside was that I failed at providing snacks. I was running late. Everything was behind schedule. There was, to be sure, hot artichoke and white bean dip served with toasted farm bread, but I didn't get the crudites out. Likewise the cheese (we even had some of the primo stuff) and crackers. SnackFail aside, it was a productive and enjoyable evening. We worked a goodly portion of our way through our list of music, revisiting old arrangements, figuring out what we could do with various configurations of the band, and looking at some new songs. I'd tell you what they were, but... y'know. Spoilers.

Considering his delightfully social behavior the last time we had company, Handsome Tom surprised us all by hiding in the basement for the duration of the rehearsal. Mind, that first party was outdoors. Everything was on his terms. Now he's bounded by walls. Also, we're loud. Lots of drums. Didn't faze Esme, of course. She sat in empty instrument cases, bounced around from person to person, and, at last, curled up on a green chenille pillow, watching us through sleepy eyes.

The night ended with a late dinner at the Iron Forge Inn's tap room. Aaaand now I really need to sleep 'cause I'm teaching in the early morning.
Tags: crimson pirates, kitties
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