Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

kitty stuff

Handsome Tom seems to be enjoying his life as an indoor kitty. Sure, he sits at the kitchen door and looks at the falling leaves and scampering chipmunks. He spends considerable time at the windows in my office. He's always on the move; any time I get up or step into another room, he's there with me.

But he's also loving sleeping on a bed. From day one, he's slept the night through at the foot of our bed (in Esme's spot, no less). He's ridiculously playful. When he was still outside, I'd entice him to play with a bit of string. We'd race across the lawn and back to the patio, and when I was done running about he'd still play - pouncing and leaping straight up and spinning about - for a good twenty minutes. Now that he's indoors, he has an array of toys at his disposal. If he's not chasing a felted ball across the floor (and under the table and down the stairs), he's carefully dissecting a catnip mouse.

The other cats are, for the most part, ignoring him. Esme's got a grade school "I love you! *smack* *runs away giggling (or, in this case, hissing)*" thing going on. The two older girls mostly ignore him. Zinda is decidedly unhappy with this situation. Making matters worse, HT seems to find every one of her favorite sleeping spots and plop himself down, thereby ruining them for Zee forever.

Could be worse. They're all still using the litterboxes. They're all eating well. If Zee isn't as playful as she's been, well... I think that will come back. And, tonight, Esme and Tom were both curled up on the back of the couch. My guess is that Esme was faking sleep so she wouldn't have to deal, but whatever: they were snugged up next to one another, paws touching. I'll take that as a very good sign.
Tags: handsome tom
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