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17 October 2008 @ 07:12 pm
I've been feeling a bit wobbly of late.

So, today, I did laundry and cleaned my house and put away a goodly amount of paperwork. I took a bubble bath, complete with a glass of wine and Pamela Dean's 'Tam Lin.' I played with Handsome Tom. I played with Zinda and Esme. I've a chicken roasting and I'm about to go make my particular version of smashed potatoes. Perhaps I'll start a fire in the woodstove.

Little comforts. They work wonders.

On the non-comfort front, Esme caught a snake today. In my basement. There were no casualties, but there was considerable one-eyed-kitten sulkage when I deprived her of her very special string that moved all by itself.
I feel: calmcalm
aryiana: Arikcakearyiana on October 17th, 2008 11:29 pm (UTC)
when I deprived her of her very special string that moved all by itself.

Does this mean you had to touch said snake?? I dunno bout you, but snakes skeeve me out -- I can deal with bugs and spiders (if I have to)...
Kel: sweet Donnaladyjoust on October 17th, 2008 11:48 pm (UTC)
I've handled snakes before, and the feel of them doesn't bother me, but in this instance I used a comic book (sorry, Jimmy Olsen!) to scoop it into a bowl.

I envy your ability to deal with spiders and bugs. Of that, I have none.
Jen: booksthatwasjen on October 18th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Pamela Dean's 'Tam Lin.'

Seriously? I am in the middle of a reread right now myself. (It happens most Octobers.)
Kel: i have loved the stars too fondlyladyjoust on October 18th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
I almost went for a reread of the Secret Country books, but it really is the perfect time for a reread of Tam Lin. After all, "Tonight it is good Hallow'een, the Faerie court will ride."
mistress_kathmistress_kath on October 18th, 2008 03:31 pm (UTC)
"Tam Lin" is usually followed by a re-read of "War for the Oaks." Or vice versa. :-)
Janetgoodnite_gracee on October 19th, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
I think that a lot of people have been feeling off as of late, and I was just saying elsewhere that breathing into the everyday is the only thing maintaining balance.

I adored "Tam Lin". but have no time for a re-read. I have "Un Lun Dun" on my nightstand... heh!