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02 October 2008 @ 12:13 am
So. Ringtones.  
Now that I have a phone where I don't have to pay for special ringtones, I find I'm spending a ridiculous amount of time thinking about them.

What ringtone would I want to identify a call from me? Hmmm. I'm not completely sold on this, but I'm rather keen on the Torchwood theme. It's a really cool pulsing beat that tells folks, "I have to take this. Sorry. It's classified." To be fair, that may be the perception I'd like people to have of me: savvy, slender, well dressed, great hair, pet pterodactyl. The usual. But what would actually suit me? Maybe the 'Fairy Dance' from the latest Peter Pan soundtrack. Or Dar Williams' 'When I Was a Boy.'

Heads up, flist, for here is my question for you: what ring or theme or snippet of song would best represent you? Or do you have ringtones that would be perfect for your sister or dad or boss, your best friend or your pet pterodactyl? Share!
I feel: creativecreative
I hear: When You Go, Jonathan Coulton
aryiana: Twygaryiana on October 3rd, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
For my pseudo-emo daughter, "(Had a) Bad Day".... my "Junior Percussion Engineer" son, a bass/snare drum cadence thing...for the one office I hate working with, "Cellblock Tango" (They had it comin.... what I'd like to do to some of the incompetents working there).

My husband - the theme I used as my wedding processional when my kids walked me up the aisle in Israel when we got married....'

Text messages - "Tortuga score, two hornpipes" (from PoTC)....

That's all I can remember specifically...

I like the ringtones for specific people - makes it easier to be able to ignore the call if I know who it is and I am busy.