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Shiniest. Anniversary. Gift. EVER.

Last night, my dearest handed me one of these*:


It's so happy. I just have to figure out how to really use the darned thing.

Anyone have advice for me? Apps I must have? Apps to avoid? What's worth spending money on? Oh, and does anyone know how I can upload the Dr. Horrible Van Remote? I have the website for the it, I just don't know how to get it onto my phone. And let's face it kids, along with figuring out how to make a Bad Horse Chorus ringtone, this is priority one!

ETA: so yes, when you turn the phone, the picture adjusts. I knew it had this function, and yet it just made me squee! aloud.

*Yes, he also got one for himself. We're on the same plan, after all, and hey - it was his anniversary, too!
Tags: geekiness, iphone
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