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The Crimson Pirates went to MDRF this weekend. In a nutshell: gorgeous faire, lovely people, sod-all weather. Our first set on Saturday was on a stage with only the teensiest bit of cover. Naturally, the skies opened up as we were not three songs in. Anyone playing an instrument for a particular song ducked under the cover*, but otherwise we all sucked it up, good pirates that we are. Our audience stayed (NYRF crew, you are hardcore!), so we kept singing. And so it went, the rest of the day: rain followed us from set to set. When it wasn't pouring down in buckets, it was drizzling or misting or spitting or smacking down on us as tree-rain. We stayed long enough to crank out a song for pub sing and then fled, soggy and miserable, for hotel rooms and hot showers.

Sunday was a bit better. The forecast promised much better weather: a chance of a stray shower. No big. Aside from the forecast being completely fucking wrong, it was a lovely and very soggy day. At least we were under cover when the rains hit (well, save for that last bit when Don and I were running our drums and gear to the car before the last set. I figure that was the universe having a good laugh on me, though, since I'd stayed beautifully dry all day. Fair enough.). Robin had NO voice by mid day, so we didn't have to stay for pub sing. We were on the road and heading home before the sun had set.

Other happy bits of MDRF: seeing the always gorgeous Melissa (also, her character name and accent made me want to rewatch S1 of DW (again!!!)), seeing the Pirates Royale, seeing the Maryland fans, the NYRF folks, pumpkin cookies!!!!, Bevan and Izzy**, chatting politics with Julia, oyster shrimp shooters (especially when they made they were kind enough to customize mine), sets at the Boar's Head, hearing nice things about 'Distant Drums,' hearing nice things about my husband, hearing The Rogues, and, of course, pork chop on a stick.

Sad bits: vampcurse not feeling well, stupid insecurities, ceaseless rain, horrible, sucking mud, Fiddler's Green, and the worst female pain I've ever had to deal with. Also, having to deal with female needs in a port-o-potty. In layers of costume. WET costume. bah.

*not me, but I only had to deal with a pennywhistle for that set
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