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I'm tatchy.

I had an entire entry devoted to how restless I'm feeling, how unsettled and... well, it's just like Groupthink says: 'spinning my wheels on the launchpad, spitting I dunno and itch.'*

Well, sod that. I need to go for a hike, to hit the heavy bag a LOT, to make something: cookies or a scarf (since I'm still incapable of crocheting anything beyond straight lines) or a story or a song.** I need to skritch my kitties, to learn how to write a review, to plant bulbs, to wrap my head around the ins and outs of my camera. I ought to completely tear my office apart and put it back together in some sort of order. I should write five emails to acquaintances with whom I've meant to reconnect and three letters (with real ink, either fountain or glass pen) to old friends I've been neglecting. I really ought to find out what's up the weekend of Applefest, and if the local Democrats need help at their booth.

Basically, I need to get over myself and get busy. Less whinging, more... erm... not whinging. What, ho!

*name the source and I will send you a wee giftie! **mayhap one of these items!
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