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an Announcement and a Cry For Help

First, the Announcement:

My sister passed her boards!* She's officially a nurse! She can give you meds and stick you with things and she gets paid for the privilege! woooo!

Now, the Cry For Help:

I have so many freakin' tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes I'm eating as fast as I can, and what's left over I'm trying to give away. It's the beefsteak tomatoes that are causing me no end of woe. Should I slow roast them? Stew them? Would they make a decent sauce? Some of them are a bit overripe, but I don't want to let them go to waste. Advise me, people.

And there's still ungodly amounts of lemon verbena waiting to be dealt with. I'm good with the rest of my herbs (I'll be freezing the thyme, sage and whatever basil I have left), but honestly: I only grew this because I think it smells lovely. I made no plans for any practical applications. At this point, impractical applications would also be welcome.

*feel free to tell her, "I told you so!" I certainly did.
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