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Every so often, when the stars are aligned and the planets are gazing coyly at one another over their shoulders, a rare and sweet harmony is reached between bully and geek, between PC and Mac users, between tomcat and bear. And on that same day, Kelly posts half a dozen entries on her LJ.

Today? Today is such a day. Sorry if I'm spamming your flists, my dears. I'm restless and typey-fingered. Thing is, I've just joined Facebook. I had no intention of doing so. I only joined MySpace to keep in touch with a few well loved folk who were not on LJ, but I was never comfortable there. Whatever my own comfort level, I have to suck it up and be on all of the major social networking sites as part of my new job.

Facebook seems a bit friendlier than MySpace. Even so, I have questions. My mini-feed is all clogged up with things like "kelly and snazzy mcfoofeypants are now friends." Can I delete those announcements without causing offense or lasting harm? Also, I don't know if I want to superpoke. Must I? I just want to see how the heck other people I know/like/have lost touch which and am delighted to find once more are doing.

But I'm blithering. Let's open it up to you. What do you think of the various social networking sites? Do you have any tips for a neophyte such as myself? Any etiquette I absolutely must know? What sites do you love? Hate? Ignore? Have you any awesome tips? Tricks? Anecdotes? LOLcats?

Go. Hit me. Share!
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