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For the past three weeks, I've been meaning to bake something for Don to take to the booth. With the early - and, as it happens, only - crop of zucchini from my garden, some sort of cake or muffin seemed just the thing. I bought the ingredients, got out my baking racks and pans and measuring cups. And then I kept putting it off. Something else always came up. I used my garden's zucchini for other things, but kept buying more from the farmer's market because this was the weekend! This was the time! Zucchini cupcakes, ho!

And then I failed to bake. Again. And again.

Today, at long last, I made the time. I baked. Trouble was, I'd bought the ingredients so long ago (my brain is broken; three weeks could be three decades for all that I retain) I could not recall where I'd put the pecans. "Didn't I buy them?" I wondered. "I could have sworn I did. I have cashews. I have almonds. I do not, however, have pecans. Did I simply buy the wrong kind of nuts? Did I even purchase any of this, or did I just push over some helpless old lady in the parking lot and make off with her seventy plastic bags, each of which contained but a single item?"

At last I accepted that my house was utterly sans pecans and went ahead with the batter. Once I'd popped the cupcakes into the oven, I was ready to address another kitchen issue. The stack of clean GladWare (I initially wrote 'Tupperware,' since that's my catch-all phrase for plastic food storage containers. Then I felt dishonest) was reaching architectural proportions. My options were 1. add buttresses or 2. put them away. Since fjordhopper's expertise was not ready to hand, I chose option the second.

Funny thing... the GladWare was stacked willy-nilly on top of a baking sheet, under which was a bag of confectioner's sugar, half a bag of dark brown sugar and - heh - a bag of pecans.

I chopped 'em up and mixed them into the cream cheese frosting. Damned if I was going to leave them out entirely. But at least I know I'm not going entirely vacant-brained. I did buy them. Unless they happened to be in one of the seventy plastic bags, in which case I really owe that little old lady a big ol' thank you.
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