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20 March 2004 @ 11:12 pm
loooooong entry ahead!  
you have been warned!

What is this place they call ‘livejournal?’ It seems so strange, and yet so familiar.

I feel as if I’ve not updated in forever, even if it has been but days. So. What’s been happening to Mari? Work. Signing the final contracts for the house and writing a BIG WHOPPING CHECK (this isn’t even the closing check, yet). Made a splendid salmon chowder. Corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. Didn’t work on Rook’s Haven at all. Read a good part of Big Lies by Joe Conason (part of my determination to become more politically aware).

The last two days were the biggies, though. First there was Great Big Sea. They played at Irving Plaza last night. I got into the city around 5:15 and walked over to Pete’s Tavern for dinner with Don, Dan and Robin. This is the first time we ever did the ‘couple’ thing, and it was a good deal of fun. For all I complained about Dan as a fight partner, he is a good guy. He’s funny, when he chooses to show it, and really so lovely and complimentary about my fight skills; makes me almost believe him. (by the bye, as for having problems partnering, even his wife won’t fight him!!!!!) So… after dinner (roasted salmon over wild rice, thank you very much!) we walked to the Plaza. There was already a line. We saw the folks we met at the Maritime Center clambake three years (or was it four?) past. They even had a picture of Don and I from that event. “We figured we’d see you here!” Just shows what a lovely chummy feel there is to the pool of GBS fans.

Anyway… we got in at around 8:15, had our bags searched (making NYC a safer place… ‘cause I might’ve snuck a lance and shield in!), checked our coats and RACED for the restrooms. Two pints at the tavern and an hour standing in the cold do not a happy bladder make. Then we found a space at the side rail on the balcony. Robin and I went to grab a couple of beers ($5.50 for a can. Yup… you heard me!). Shortly after Don and Dan procured their own refreshments, the opening band came on. ‘The Pushstars’ are from Boston, and apparently their lead singer has written a couple of songs for GBS. They’re a folky/rocky/bar band sort. I think I’d like them, if I could have made out a word the lead singer was saying. The levels on the mike were awful.

Then, GBS came out. Lovely, lovely. Quick highlights, since I’ve already rambled so..

~Right as they began ‘The Night that Paddy Murphy Died,’ Sean sang the line “As long as a bottle was passed around every man was feelin' gay.” He paused, grinned, and the crowd cheered. Alan stepped back up to the mike and said (and I’m likely paraphrasing) “Hey, we’re Canadian. We don’t care. Let’s all get married!” Crowd went nuts.

~A group called ‘Lifebeat’ had a table set up near the merchandisers, handing out condoms. Several fans at at the front (just before ‘General Taylor’) tossed them onstage, including a female condom. The fellows laughed and picked them up, but then Alan read the package for the female condom. “Enclosed are instructions for use… Holy Shit!” he tried to get it open, to no avail, and had to abandon it as a lost cause. During the son, Sean made up a condom verse which I can NOT recall, more’s the pity.

~Bob Hallet did a version of ‘Recruiting Sargeant’ with just Kris McFarlane accompanying on guitar. Lovely, simple and heartfelt, and so meaningful on the night before the anniversary of our attack on Iraq.

~They brought Chris McLaughlin (lead singer for the Pushstars) out to sing ‘Everything Shines’ and ‘Sea of No Cares.’ He sounded much better w/GBS’s mike levels.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Then, today, there was the demonstration, one of hundreds worldwide. We trundled back into the city, armed with Don’s gorgeous ‘Heroes don’t hit first’ signs (a pic of the American flag and a pic of Superman with back turned, fists clenched, head turned to the side… he made this last year at this time, against pre-emptive war). We got in around 11:30 and headed to Madison Ave. There was already a HUGE crowd. We got as far as 27th street before the press of people became too great. We stood for a good hour and a half before the march began. Dennis Kucinich was one of the speakers. I need to find a transcript of his words. It was simple but very powerful. Then… the march began. The police were very evident. A couple of college boys walked along, shouting about Howard Stern and taunting the cops… who, incidentally, were doing nothing more than standing and keeping an eye on things. That is ALL. The same people who shout about their presence would be lambasting their absence did some tragedy occur.

But I digress… once we made it to 23rd street, the press of people eased up a bit. On 6th Ave, there were actual gaps in the march. During one such gap, a middle aged-man ran out and shouted at me “Have you ever served your country?”
“My parents were navy and my brother is army,” I responded, shocked (I know I ought not have been; this was a protest march, after all).
“Go to Iraq!” he screamed.
A stranger to my right shouted, “You go, if you feel so strongly.”

Looking back, I think it’s funny that he waited for the lull and then ran out and yelled at a woman. Brave man, that.

Anyway, we finished the route, avoiding the astonishing and alarming presence of the PLO. Saw Billionaires for Bush (very cool; smart and funny). Saw a sign that read ‘Pacifists for Peace,’ which cleared up some of the Pacifist confusion I had :P Saw ‘New Zealanders for Peace’ (two middle-aged women with a blue sign… thought of our Rache!). Saw a group of people from Faire, and was recognized for doing the ‘Complete Wks…’ show in NJ in January.

It was good. I was glad to be there. I hope, somehow, I helped to make a difference. I also hope that screaming prick stubbed his toe but something terrible as he shambled back to his miserable little apartment. (that was mean, but I’m going to let it stand)

Eep. Guess I’d better post more often, so y’all don’t have to read Mari: The Novel!
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I hear: 'Let it Go,' Great Big Sea
briarsequinoxbriarsequinox on March 21st, 2004 08:21 am (UTC)
Yay, Great Big Sea! i remember seeing them. I just bought their new album. haven't listened yet.
Skaldstrytllr on March 22nd, 2004 11:23 am (UTC)
"...and was recognized for doing the lame-ass ‘Complete Wks…’ show in NJ in January."

Kelladyjoust on March 22nd, 2004 11:31 am (UTC)
baby, you know I wasn't referring to you!!!!!
Kelladyjoust on March 22nd, 2004 06:12 pm (UTC)
I changed it. sorry for any ouch-ness caused!
Skaldstrytllr on March 23rd, 2004 05:34 am (UTC)
Honey, I wasn't offended! It was lame because of how it was directed, what props we were given, etc., but you, D. and I did a great job with what we had!

Oh, sweety! You should NEVER have to edit or censor what you write, never! Let alone for little ol' me! So put that word back in there! If you won't, I'll just have to post an LJ entry that'll cover the bases. :) (Hmm... that would be fun anyway!)