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**No serious, hardcore spoilers for season four of DW**

**may contain some very minor secondary character spoilerage, but... fmeh**

Another snippet from Jacob's recap of DW Season Four (which will not make sense to you if you've not seen the most recent Christmas special and all of the fourth season, but is still sort of wonderful):

"There's a theme throughout the stories I'm telling you, having to do with cleverness. What it does and what it doesn't do. Rattigan, he thought his cleverness exempted him from morality. Evangelista, she went from not very clever to awfully clever indeed. But let me ask you, who would you rather spend time with? No matter how smart they made her, they didn't change the essential quality of her. Her goodness, her desire to help. Midshipman Frame can tell you: All they do in Hufflepuff is make things with glitter and safety scissors.

That's not a consolation prize. The Hufflepuffs among us are the greatest among us, because they're not trying to be special. They're not trying to be clever. They know that cleverness isn't what's important. They know they're special and don't need to be told, over and over and over, like some of us. Some clever boots among us, we spend our whole lives trying to be told how special we are. They just know. Donna, you should be more like them too. And stop thinking it's a bad thing. Everybody wants to be smarter because they think it will make them more special. It won't."

I was going to bold some of that, focusing on the Hufflepuff references because, really? so much happy, and so very very very right about why Hufflepuffs are, indisputably, great. But there was too much to bold, because everything rang beautiful and true. Just read and enjoy.

Gracious, but I love Jacob's writing.
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