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Can someone tell me why I haven't watched Big Bang Theory before? Honestly. What is wrong with me? Throw in a kitten, a few swords and the TARDIS* and this show is made just for me. Well, and my delightfully smart and geeky friends, but still...

I made a start on cleaning and organizing my office today. In point of fact, I started this process a few weeks back when I went through all of my yarn and other craft stuff. Or maybe the starting point was a couple of months past when I went on a tear through old paperwork which is, thanks to my less than thorough follow-through, a work in progress. Anyway, I started by going through my two tall sets of bookshelves. One holds a vasty amount of 'to be read' books and a few pictures and random items: miniature trebuchet, purple lego knight, needlework golden apple with 'kallisti' stitched into the side (tomincloset= literawesome!). The other holds my printer, scanner and modem as well as a bunch of reference books and a stack of CDs I really need to upload to iTunes at some point in the next year or three. I haven't organized either of these bookshelves in a very, very long time.

I cleared them off, dusted and vacuumed and swept up piles and piles of cat hair. I reorganized my reference books, set aside about twenty titles I have not read and will likely not read, ever, for possible resale to the bookstore. I sorted the other bookcase rather loosely: anthologies, fairy tales/mythology (though some of that spills over into reference), poetry, Robin Hood books, mass markets (including stripped copies. yeah. that's right.), trade paper teen/YA titles, hardcover teen/YA titles, any fiction written for adults, and nonfiction. I didn't even touch the enormous bag of ARCs that I'm holding onto on the off chance that I may, someday, have some small interest in reading them. Oh, and the Christina Dodd title I can't get rid of because it's so astonishingly badly written it's sort of wonderful.

When I finished with the bookcases, I dusted and de-cat-haired my desk. This took me around four hours. Four. Hours. For one corner of my office. I haven't even touched the basket o'notebooks, the swords that are rather due for maintenance, the messenger bag still full of swag from WizardWorld, and the pile of assorted stuff. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow!

*this may yet happen. I'm only on episode two.
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