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I'm about a quarter of the way into Breaking Dawn, My review so far: "hmmm." Also: *blink* *blink* "Really?"

Out of curiosity, does anyone use Flock? I gave it a go because it's brilliant at uploading lots of pictures all at once. The nice bit is that, unlike Safari, it allows me to use the Rich Text option* here on LJ, and I'm fairly sure posting on the Yuku board will be less wonky. There's just an awful lot of stuff. It's a bit overwhelming.

I was going to crow about getting ever-so-close to my goal weight, but then there was bloating and crankiness and eating insane amounts of mini carrot-zucchini cupcakes. My goal weight looked at me in disgust before heading way, way, waaaay off into the distance. Lonely and bereft, I drowned my sorrows in another cupcake.

Aaaand... that's all I've got. I really should get back to reading the new Stephenie Meyer book, but I'm having a tough time mustering the enthusiasm. I'm darned close to just reading all the spoiler posts and having done with it.

*that's pretty much the impetus behind this post. I haven't a whole lot to say. I just want to marvel at the ease with which I can alter the appearance of the text.

eta: why is my asterisk-ed text so large? I tried to make it small, darn it! This is why I should never try new things. They just don't work. Sincerely, Johnny Raincloud.

I think I'll have a cupcake.
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