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Handsome Tom is a clever lad. He's figured out that if he leaps up onto the railing of the deck, he can jump onto the canopy of the covered swing and from there onto our roof.

Oh, and he's taken to racing alongside whosoever might be venturing to the end of the driveway (by the moderately busy road where people drive far too quickly resulting, every so often, in an accident on or very near our property). Tonight, for example. It was full dark and I just wanted to retrieve the empty bin and get the mail. Thomas fully ignored my cautions and had naught but contempt for my stern tone. He bounced along, mewed rustily at me, stopped to roll amid the stubs of the day lilies (alas, something's gnawed them right down to the ground). Then - thankfully- he deigned to accompany me back to the house, bumping his head against my calves so that I was compelled to notice him every third step.

Memo to self: do not be surprised if you're totally grey by month's end.
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