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This post comes to you from the land of shallowness, aka The Magical Realm of HIMYM Awesomeness*: in a bit of Dr. Horrible withdrawal, I've been re-watching How I Met Your Mother. I get my NPH fix as well as a bit of Jossiana (Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker, Morena Baccarin,Tom Lenk and Alexis Denisof. Am I missing anyone?) Anyway, I'm not usually a sitcom kind of girl, but HIMYM is surprisingly sharp and smart and not afraid to throw the '-com' bit under the bus if it serves the story best to focus on the 'sit-.'

So. With no spoilers for anyone who may, after my brilliant analytical dissection of modern televised comedic format, choose to watch the entirety of the series thus far, let me say that the last two episodes of season two make me cry. A lot. A ridiculous lot, in fact. I mean, from the pilot episode you know a certain thing with a certain certainty. And yet having this certainty made decidedly certain forty or so episodes in makes me weep tears both bitter and sweet.

In marginally less lame news, Handsome Tom continues handsome. And snuggly. I so wish every last one of you could meet him. He'd welcome the skritches. Gracious, but he's a social kitty.

*The pilot episode is unevenly paced. The 'audience laughter' takes a bit of getting used to. That being said, I have to admit that I never expected a half-hour sitcom to be quite this good. In large part it's the cast. In other large part, it's the writing. Two large parts. That's what she said.
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