Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I love having an herb garden. Not so fond of the lack of knowledge (particularly regarding what needs reseeding or how long I have on other plants or how to dry/freeze/preserve/place in magical stasis) but hey - it's all part of the learning process. Right? Oh, please, tell me I'm right. If I'm not, it's all utterly hopeless. Gloom. Doom. DESPAIR!

But who can be gloomy-doomy-despairy when one has lovely fresh sage and thyme and rosemary? Even if said herbs were, of a necessity, collected at the very height of a thunderstorm. Surely that only enhances the taste. My own sogginess bedamned, tonight's garlic and herb pork roast was particularly lovely.

Now to vegetable garden worries: my zucchini plants are failing. I've had two enormous and early surpise!!! squash, but despite a goodly amount of blossoms and wee zucchini-lings, I'm worried. The leaves are dying - going white then droopy then yellow-brown and then dead. What do I do? It doesn't look like anything's eating them... is it a mold of some sort? Also, my cherry tomato plants are a worry. They were miserably sprawling things, so I staked them up. Now they're ever so leggy. There are plenty of blooms, and a heaping lot of wee sma' green tomatoes, but the tops don't look quite right. Mind, I don't have the faintest frelling idea what is right, but still...

One last thing: cabbages are incorrigible flirts. You think they're starting to gear up into being all round and properly cabbagey and come-hither-and-harvest-me and then lo! they continue to sprawl. The heck????
Tags: garden
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