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I know I go on and on about how good Handsome Tom is, how sweet and mushtastic and adorable and loving and all 'round wonderful. But really: it's all true.

Word from Dr. AwesomeVet was that HT's blood work indicated that the fever/malaise/unhappiness was likely viral. Still, just to be on the safe side, he urged us to give HT his full course of antibiotics.

To that end, I've been giving our handsome young lad a dropper full of rather vile fluid twice daily. It was a simple procedure when he was feeling poorly and didn't have much fight in him. He sort of grumble-growled as if to say, "I do not like this. At all. Just so you know," and then snuggled against me in exhaustion. But then, he started to feel better. Mind, I'm all for Handsome Tom's recovery. It was heartbreaking to see him laid so low. In all selfishness, I missed the boyo that would hop up into my lap and snuggle his head into the crook of my elbow, purring all the while. When it comes to administering meds, though, listless and biddable is far easier. Well, with any normal cat.

Yesterday morning. I went out to the gym. Tom, mewing rustily, came trotting over and threw himself onto my crossed legs. As I placed the dropper between his jaws, he grumbled lustily. I squeezed the bulb. It was done. Tom sat on my lap, swallowed hard once or twice, then looked back up at me and started purring. That evening's dose was much the same. And so on, save he's a little more pep today. Still: he protests mightily even as he lets me dose him, and then instead of running away he waits for skritches. "What?" says Handsome Tom. "I put up with this cold and squishy horrible tasting crap. Now I'm due for some serious attention. And don't neglect behind the ears. That's my favorite."

So, yes. Handsome Tom is feeling better. He's been drinking plenty of water, or so the litter box tells us. Today his appetite was greatly improved. I totally caved and bought him tuna. Anything to get some nutrients into that poor scrawny body.

Oh, and Operation Kitty Door has begun. We're hoping to entice Tom to view our gym as his own space. It's not heated (other than a space heater, which we really can't keep on full time in the winter), but it is a bit of shelter from the worst of the elements. I'll keep a clean litter box in there, and that's where I'll have his food and fresh water (not that he doesn't prefer drinking from the muddy puddles in my driveway). I know the best course of action is to have the Way Special KittyDoor that opens to a sensor in the cat's collar, but 1. we don't know if he'll use the door at all and 2. we have no idea if he'll tolerate a collar. To that end, we'll be using a regular door and trying a plain old collar. I'll have more on that as I'm actually able to let HT out. He's ready to go NOW NOW NOW, but mean ol' me is thinking that he has four more days of meds. His pretty new purple collar, however, is being tolerated. At least I didn't get him the one with the bow.

I'm obsessing over this cat. I know. But he's really a dear and quite special. I've already told you of how he's fully enchanted Dr. AV's entire staff. He's certainly got me wrapped around his mighty tomcat paw. Best of all, my lovely and awesome and manly husband admitted that he is totally in love with our sweet and handsome mushcat. yay!
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