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18 July 2008 @ 09:50 pm
Handsome Tom is not improved. He's not moved from his cave, not even for a bowl of tuna. When I skritch him, he gives purring a bit of a go and then lets it die down.

I may be borrowing trouble. I may be over-thinking and I am most certainly worrying ridiculous amounts, but this is Handsome Tom. He's the loveliest of tomcats, and the sweetest creature you might hope to meet. The idea that he's not bounced back, not even a little, is painful.

And I have to teach a double tomorrow, which means I can't get him in to the vet's office first thing. Don is willing and ready to do so, thank heavens. Thing is, I feel as if this is my fault. Stupid? Probably. But there it is.

oh, please let him be okay. I'm really worried about our boy.