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18 July 2008 @ 05:42 pm
My washing machine is fixed, but Handsome Tom is broken. Well, not broken so much as feeling rather poorly.

The good news first: on our fourth service call, they finally got the job done. Turns out the guy who installed the timer did so incorrectly and then neglected to actually test the machine before he left. That mistake led to the machine bucking wildly, which in turn caused further damage to the drum. There was also something about the transmission. I kid you not. Anyway, after about five hundred dollars' worth of repairs*, my washer is doing what it was meant to do: purty up my sweaty gym clothes and remove the acres of hair I am plastered with whenever HT decides he wants to get in my lap and snuggle, which is all the time.

That leads me to poor Thomas' very bad day. It actually started last night. He was a bit off his food and barely touched his water. Stranger still, he didn't want to get in my lap. There was some attempt at play, and he did use his scratching board, but something was clearly off. This morning, he let me pet him a bit, but his food still hadn't been touched. I noticed, too, that he was swallowing a lot. When Don went in to visit, Tom didn't even come out of his gym-mat cave.

My worry was that he'd developed an infection and resulting fever. It was also possible that he was just morose from being cooped up inside when he's accustomed to having the run of our entire property and then some. Still, better safe, so we took him to the vet's.** Long story marginally shorter, HT had a high fever and was a bit dehydrated. There is, so the vet said, a virus making the rounds; kitty might have picked it up while he was there. Or when he was still outside. Considering Tom's history, though, Dr. Awesome Vet said he must proceed as if this was a complication from the surgery. At first glance there doesn't seem to be any abscess, but the course of treatment will address that possibility. "If it turns out to be a virus, it'll work itself out in about 24 hours," Dr. AV said. "But we have to assume it's related to the procedure and go from there." He didn't charge us for the office visit or any of the injections (dexamethasone(?), subcutaneous fluids), the blood work or the antibiotics.

HT is back in his little house, complete with brand new air conditioner*** to keep him comfortable. He went back into his little cave and hasn't yet come out. I'm so hoping he feels better, but soon. I hate to see him like this.

*Thanks to the service plan, we don't have to pay for any of this. Mind, it took four calls and two missed days of work.

**When we entered the reception area, one of the ladies stood up from her chair and practically squeed, "Handsome Tom! You're back!" Another, Chris I think, came over at once to say hello to him. When the vet tech took us to the examination room, she was joined by another who said, "Oh, is this Handsome Tom? I didn't get to meet him when he was here last time!" This is one well loved cat.

***Yes, we bought Handsome Tom an AC. My husband is entirely awesome and completely understanding. Hey, if he ends up moving his office out there, it'll need AC anyway, so it isn't an entirely crazy purchase.

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acelticmist on July 19th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
Ohh Nooo :( Not Handsome Tom !. Oh dear, I really do wish good health for him. You guy's are fanfreakingtastic for all you've done for him. Crossing all crossables.