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Handsome Tom, the big black tomcat that started visiting us this past May, has completely adopted Don and I. He attended our party a little over a week ago, and he's there most mornings to walk us to our cars as we head off to work. When it's hot out, he lounges under the gardening table or the rhodedendron, but should we come outside he always trots over and graciously allows us to skritch him. He loves being brushed. He has, unlike Esme, excellent table manners.

I never did the old note-on-the-collar deal, but it's pretty clear that he doesn't have another home. Since we already have a houseful of kitties and Thomas is very much an outdoor cat, we've decided to make sure he's the healthiest outdoor cat he can be. To that end, I took him to the vet this morning, where he'll be getting blood work and shots and de-worming and - sorry, Tom! - the old snippity-snip. Now, everything hinges on the blood work being clean. If he's got Feline Leukemia... well, I gave permission to do what must be done. I somehow managed not to burst into tears at the very thought. Thing is, if you have any spare happy healthy thoughts for the old boy, please send them his way!

Oh, how stately and handsome!


But stateliness goes right out the window when there are belly skritches to be had.


He's man enough to show his softer side...


...and comfortable enough with us to totally zonk out.


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