Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

these lyrics have been stuck in my head for days. the song itself is very catchy, and I just loooove the lead singer's voice, but it's these few lines that keep cycling 'round and 'round:

I window shop for you in my mind
A flannel shirt at the five and dime
A lether coat cut big city style
Boots from plastic crocodile
A pinecone dipped in glitter glue
A penny 1942
A necklace with a cheap green stone
Barefeet, cold sand. Chill to the bone

if you want to hear the song, go here:  Carbon Leaf
and listen to 'On Any Given Day' from the album 'Echo Echo.' Just so's y'all know, these guys opened for GBS on the last tour. The lead singer's dancing put me in mind of the muppets (yes, to me this is a GOOD thing), the tallest of all of them played mando and tried to rock out with it (*snort!* hugely funny visual) and the bass player was brill. Too, the lead singer plays pennywhistle, and seemed to like slipping it into most songs. The phrase of the evening between the lot of us was "Y'know what this song needs? Some pennywhistle." Admittedly I'm envious that he's really good at it. I am not. grrr. Oooo.. he also plays bagpipes. Did I mention he dances like a muppet?
Tags: music
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