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07 July 2008 @ 08:40 pm
What a weekend!

Especially considering that said weekend really started on Thursday, since that was the day I began all the party prep. Well, you know that from an earlier post. It was there that I mentioned there that I'd been up since well before five Friday morning. My apologies for keeping you all in suspense. I hope that didn't ruin your holiday celebrations. Thing is, about two thirty in the morning, I heard a high pitched squealing. Just on the periphery of sleep, mind, but it was enough to prod me into wakefulness just in time to hear the explosive impact of metal and glass. I shrieked. Don blinked at me. "What's wrong?"

"Car accident," I gasped. He hadn't heard a thing, but sure enough, when we looked out our bedroom window, we could see headlights pointed directly at us. We both stumbled out of bed and pulled on jeans. Don grabbed the phone and headed out to the road. I made a stop at my car to get flares. Yes, we both keep flares in our car, in no small part because in the time we've lived here, there have been no fewer than half a dozen accidents at our doorstep. It's an unlucky section of road: bad turn plus people driving WAY too fast plus bad weather = lots of skids and slides and crunches. This was the worst, though. Don was already on the phone with the police by the time I hit the road, and a couple of minutes later a cruiser pulled up. The car, a Volvo sedan, had spun out and hit the utility pole on the passenger's side. Said pole was listing markedly forward. There was no one in the car, which was odd, but a few minutes later a young woman walked back up the hill, gesturing with her cell phone and saying, "I couldn't get any signal." She didn't seem to be injured. In any case, the police were there, so Don and I headed back inside. My heart was still racing. I think I might have fallen back into a very spotty sleep 'round about four o'clock. And then I got up at five, and worked, and had to go to the grocery store again, and then came home to cook and clean and cook some more.

Saturday morning was another early one, as I had the 9:15 class. After that, it was more cooking and cleaning, and I just managed to get everything done in time at the expense of getting an extra smidge of sleep. Or eating anything. At all. Still, it was a good day. We went over some new music, drank way too much beer (I don't speak for everyone here) and had some pretty darned good food. Jonathan from Bobolink Dairy (his lovely wife, Nina, came later) brought some truly amazing cheese and yummy bread, including custom made loaves fashioned into crossbones and baked with duck comfit and... something else. But, oh, sweet heavens!! Robin contributed a ridiculously tasty paella and Erica an ever so happy couscous salad, the leftovers of which have made me a very happy girl. Bevan's watermelon punch was excellent. I skipped the addition of vodka, though, since I had to be somewhat responsible. I had to teach the next morning, after all, and hitting a heavy bag when you have a hangover would be BRUTAL. As to the things I was worried about: the chicken came out rather well, the shrimp bruschetta was a hit and the Flag Cake didn't suck.


It's a little sloppy, but no matter. It was tasty. I forced leftovers upon people. If there had been any left in my house, I would have eaten it. Every last bit. No one wants a cake-shaped fitness instructor.

Bonus for Saturday: Don and I had a private screening of Blood and Breakfast with one of the stars. It's a great deal of fun, and the cohosts are sassy and charming and, frankly, rather hot.

Other bonus for Saturday: lots and lots and LOTS of time with Izzy, crossbonesmccoy and his gorgeous wife Bevan's little girl. Not sure why, but she seems to like me. I'm delighted. So is my reproductive system. My ovaries were all but jumping up and down. Yes, body. I do hear you. Shush now.

Sunday's 9:15 class went well, though it seems the gym's AC isn't... oh, what's the word? WORKING. At all. bleargh. Once we were home and showered and feeling slightly more human, Don and I took a peek in the fridge and realized we had waaaay too much food. We hadn't even touched the ground beef or hot dogs. There was coleslaw left over, and bread, and I'd utterly forgotten the zucchini as well as the fixings for my warm potato salad. Also: INSANE amounts of beer still inhabited our coolers. What's a person to do? Have another party! We dashed to the store to pick up more corn and a pound cake, so that we could have something dessert-ish should people want it (I also had vanilla ice cream and the unused droopy strawberries and could make chocolate shavings/curls in a very short time). I seasoned and shaped burgers while Don watched a zombie movie. Around 4:30, Don's mom came over, as did his little sister, her husband and their two boys. My niece was still in London. We had burgers and corn and grilled zucchini and leftover creamy balsamic coleslaw (which my older nephew said he really liked) and more Bobolink bread and cheese (Don and Bob had the latter on their burgers) and some kickin' potato salad that Bob's mom made. Mom went home not too long after, but Don and Bob and the boys played bocce and volleyball, and Beth and I sat on the swing and drank wine and talked and talked and drank some more wine and talked. That hangover I prudently avoided on Saturday night finally found me this morning but the evening was lovely and so I shan't complain. No one had dessert, though. So now I have no made from scratch Flag Cake, but I have an entire loaf of pound cake, a pint of Ben and Jerry's Free Trade Vanilla ( I passionately adore vanilla ice cream. so sue me) and droopy berries just taunting me.

*sigh* No one wants a loaf-shaped fitness instructor either. I must hold strong.

And then there was today. Phototherapy. Stuff. NAP!!!!!! Oh, blessed nap. Kitties. Handsome Tom, too (who also hung out with us on Saturday (not so much when Izzy was around, all excited and running at him, but later into the evening) and on Sunday for leftover burger). Dinner at a restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doctor Who. A glass of wine. Thinking of a bubble bath and the week's comic books.

Tomorrow, it's back to normal. Or something like that.

I feel: drained*zzzzzz*
Julietfair_juliet on July 8th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
what a lovely cake! You are my domestic role model.
Vampcurse: Kermit YAYvampcurse on July 8th, 2008 11:44 am (UTC)
Now I need to make a cake. But I need to find people to eat it...for the same reason it couldn't stay in your house, it can't stay in mine.

The road I grew up on had no less than 3 accidents per year on it and those were the ones I knew about. Two of those accidents always involved my neighbors front porch or a car driving down the embankment in their backyard (mostly their porch) or the rock wall at the bottom of our driveway. The times of year? New Years and 4th of July. It's quite nerve racking.

PS and completely off topic, I still have your books...I read incredibly slowly. But I'm on the King of Attolia and almost finished. I shall return them as soon as I'm done and I'm so sorry for having them so long. But I will be adding them to my collection eventually.

Oh and when I see you, you have to tell me how exactly you say "Eugenides" for I am don't think I am reading it correctly.
harpiegirl4: happy hobbitsharpiegirl4 on July 8th, 2008 12:07 pm (UTC)
So much fun was had, Miss Kelly. Hee. Sorry, but Izzy's little toy voice keeps running through my head (down, ovaries, down girls!)

You throw a rockin' party. And though I have so far resisted the leftover flag cake, I'm sure it will make Cody a very happy boy.

And I'm glad you liked B&B! ::squish::
Kerry: GWTW gwah?screamingdolai on July 9th, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
My students have yet to complain about a Ben & Jerry's shaped instructor.

But I have. :/