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06 July 2008 @ 10:39 pm
Warning: utter geekiness ahead  
I just watched the most recent DW Confidential and, in the throes of emotional weepy/sniffliness, decided there was nothing for it but to re-watch the last bit of 'Journey's End.'

**spoilers, obviously**
I hate this. I hate this so damned much. Bad enough to take Donna's memories, her experiences, but oh... to take what she became - her courage, her compassion, her sass and her unexpected sweetness..

... and that Wilf will remember, and will look up into the night and the stars and think on the Doctor and what his darling girl might have been.... ouch.

Quick note on the rest of the ep: it was a bit of fanboy gone wild. Don't get me wrong: some of it worked. A lot of it was fun, delightful even, and there were a good many moments that worked in the rather more serious core story...

but... is it just me or was the final moment with Ten 2.0 terribly fanfic-y? Even then, I'm easy to please. I'll buy 'most anything if it's within the context of good storytelling. hmmm. I think I should rewatch before I get too cranky.

And, crankiness aside, the final ten minutes really were gorgeous and also ripped my heart to bits. So there is that.

ETA: oh, Murray Gold. I <3 you so. Yes, it was lovely to hear all the old bits again, especially 'Rose's Theme.' The music when the Earth was being towed back to its rightful place (heee!) was splendid. But really, re-using 'Dream of a Normal Death' was just unfair. It's such a lovely bit of music I can't help but get extra-weepy.
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Tart Tartuberlibra on July 7th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
my mental meanderings...
Out of curiosity, when is Dream of a Normal Death first played? I was so overcome with girl-geekiness each of the now 3 times I watched that I missed that bit of music each time.

Ten 2.0 was super fanfic-y, and yet, it was the only way Rose was EVER gonna stay put in her universe. Even so, I can already imagine ways they'll get her back if they want her (she could come through the rift in cardiff, etc. or an evil thing wearing her face could...) Also, I could see the 2.0 going rogue or something. Or maybe they'll just disappear from cannon and have eight fat blond babies and be happy forever in fictionland.

Also, RTD has taught me not to respect finality and character death/departure that much (I mean AGAIN with the cybermen? Seriously?)

SO, I half expect that captain jack will need donna at some point and they will find a way to preserve her and get what they need--she'll get to reclaim herself and die a hero or something.

But that could just be me being mad/sad about Donna and not wanting to let her go.

I would really also like to see Jenny come back. I mean they set that up so well. Unless they're sending her to TW or SJA or the K9 show.

Kel: sweet Donnaladyjoust on July 8th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
Re: my mental meanderings...
It's first played (at least, I first noticed it) about halfway through the ep: the montage of how many have died to help the Doctor.

But that could just be me being mad/sad about Donna and not wanting to let her go.

I know. Oh, I know. GODS I'm still weepy over Donna.