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08 March 2004 @ 08:58 pm
tangled up in knots  
A while back, I decided I really wanted to learn how to knit. A woman I work with, who is Handicrafts-Personified, showed me the basics. Turns out, I sucked. My gauge was all over the place. Tension? Sometimes I had heaps of it. Sometimes I had none. I couldn't quite grasp the very simplest of instructions, so it seems. Then, this selfsame woman showed one of my managers the same basics, and that manager just zipped happily along. I felt like dren. Then I found out that the manager had been crocheting for years (not nonstop, of course, for how would she find time to manage a bookstore, or even drive a car of shower were that the case?)

In any event, it occurred to me that crocheting might be easier than knitting, and that if I learned to crochet, that might give me some handle on yarn-wrangling. Handicrafts-Personified grabbed a wee crochet hook and badly frayed yarn and gave me my first lesson (just doing that chain thang and single crochet stitch). I went out that day and bought a hook and some yarn, and I've found the odd five minutes to practice since. Much better going than the knitting, I might say, though not utterly brilliant. Still, I have hope. And it's rather fun!

If anyone has tips or suggestions, hit me with 'em.
I feel: crafty (not as in 'sly')
I hear: 'Tangled-up Puppet,' Harry Chapin
Jessica Arielliret on March 8th, 2004 07:02 pm (UTC)
I love crocheting, though I've never gotten anywhere with knitting.
Tart Tartuberlibra on March 8th, 2004 09:20 pm (UTC)
I only know two stitches (single crochet and double crochet) but they are very versitile and serve well (particularly if you like making long scarves, which i do).

Sadly, my crochet skills are such that explaining them over LJ is a recipe for disaster. My one tip is: don't hold the yarn too tight/pull your stitches tighter or to "even" them. I had this weird habit of tightening all of my stitches, which made the sucessive rows harder and harder to do. My crochet these days isn't quite so anal retentive-looking, but it *is* fluffier...

Hope you don't mind my friending you. I saw you on blackholly's page and miss you and Don, so here I am. (this is redheaded Sarah B, btw)
Kelladyjoust on March 9th, 2004 08:47 pm (UTC)
Sarah!!!! *hugs!* I'm having a little bit of trouble at the end of my rows (I'm alternating single and double crochet, and that last damned stitch gets tight), but otherwise my yarn tension is pretty decent.
Goddessavhi on March 9th, 2004 01:28 pm (UTC)
Howdy :)

There are lovely and easy patterns on some yarns. I got the softly colored yarn that has the baby and baby blanket on it. On the inside it gives you the directions for crocheting the blanket. Its pretty simple. Anything I didn't understand I looked up on the internet (the actual stitches that is) and I ended up making several blankets through the years that the kids refuse to part with.

Maybe that will help you with basics and you can get more complex from there. Hope that helps.