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Did I mention that I went to the doctor the other day? Well, I did. Last Friday, in fact.

It's been years since I've had a physical. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw a GP was '98, so yes: I was long overdue. I've been putting it off for a number of reasons. The one that sounds least pathetic, though, is that I wanted a good recommendation, so we'll stick with that and not dwell on the 'but I've gained weight since I quit smoking and I'm embarrassed about my skin and if I don't go then no one can say there's anything wrong with me.'

Anyway, Dr. S. came highly recommended by one of the women at my gym. She also suggested a gynecologist, but that's a tale for another day - a day when I actually go to see him. Back to Dr. S.. I had made appointments for Don and I on the same day; he's almost as bad about going to the doctor as I am, but with 95% less pathetic excuses. He's nigh on pure procrastination. Anyway, we'd both been instructed to fast that morning. Alas, I also failed to drink my usual amount of water, so when the nurse gave me a cup and pointed me toward the bathroom, I know I made PanicFace. Good thing I perform well under pressure. I was weighed (meh; could be worse), had my BP taken (excellent) as well as pulse (normal) and temp (98.5, in case you're curious). Then it was time to draw blood. Now, I don't mind the sight of blood. I do mind the sight of - and everything else about - needles. She gave me the option of which arm she'd draw from; I chose the left. To paraphrase the ancient Guardian of the Grail, I chose poorly. Seconds after she'd begun to draw, it just plain stopped. We had to switch to the right arm, which drew beautifully, but that was twice the needle trauma and EVER so much bruising on both arms; the left even threw forth a lovely bump that lingered for days. Thanks, body!

Then it was time to meet Dr. S. He was quirky and lanky and reminded me a bit of Lance Henriksen. He wore a very vivid tie. I was so nervous about being in a doctor's office, I can't even remember what we chatted about. I do know that he checked my eyes and ears and breathing, that I mentioned my psoriasis and my knee problems and he made a bit of a frowny face over that but wasn't quick to jump to x-rays. His office offers PT; I may look into that if my knees continue ouchy. Also, I admitted that's it's been about two years since my last gyn exam (and thus my last pap smear). As he was writing his notes, Dr. S. said, "Okay. So you'll make an appointment when you get home." And he looked at me, in case I didn't get it or, more likely, was spinning the reasons why I couldn't possibly go to see another doctor any time within the next six or eight or twenty months, and said, "Today."

"Yes," I said. "I will." And I did. I see another Dr. S. in mid-June. I'm really worried about that one, but I'm not going to borrow trouble. I'll ignore those troublesome symptoms until I'm actually in his office and have to face up to it.

It's been almost a week since the physical. The bump on my left arm has receded and the bruise has shifted from the yellow spectrum into the reddish-purple. And today, my flist, I received my blood test results. They're on an ever-so-handy form that lists the normal levels so that you can be either pleased or alarmed by your results without having to waste time looking things up on the internets. Which I did anyway, 'cause I'm a bit confused, but that's me. I mix up my right and my left. What do you expect?

Anyway, in case y'all are interested or want to express shock/horror/delight/make stuff up, the results (acceptable levels denoted, as on the form they sent me, within parentheses):

Cholesterol: 171 (less than 200)
LDL cholesterol: 68 (less than 130)
HDL cholesterol: 95 (above 40)
Triglycerides: 41 (less than 150)
Glucose: 85 (70-100)

I'm sort of baffled about the HDL. I mean, over 40 is good, but I'm way over 40. And what's up with my glucose? And is 171 good, or just squeaking by?

And did I mention I go to the gynecologist in 27 days? fmeh. They're probably going to weigh me, too.
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