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29 April 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Gosh. I haven’t been around here much of late. I wish I could tell you it’s because my life is so astonishingly fabulous and that I’m ever so busy with all manner of fantastic adventures. Not so much. It’s been mostly work and writing and catching up with tv shows/movies/books in between bouts of serious kitty play and/or snuggle time.

In the past few weeks I:

~went to NY ComicCon. Scored some decent loot. Met a distressingly friendly Stormtrooper. Saw multiple Indiana Jones. Saw a goodly number of friends. Went to the Zuda comics panel and was geektastically excited for the Timony boys. Went to a hookah bar. Realized I still sort of have a crush on Geoff Johns. (those last two are not related, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they were?)

~ got totally hooked on the new Blue Beetle. Yes, it is worth mentioning.

~bought myself clothes! Not a lot, and everything was on mega-massive-clearance, but still...

~ made friends with a black tomcat. He came for the lady-cats and stayed for the Kelly-skritches.

~attended a lovely Beltaine feast at Bobolink Dairy. Favorite new fact: when you startle chickens, roosters will raise their heads while hens will lower them (because, as Jonathan says, hens are smarter).

~finally went to a kickboxing class. I’m still teaching, but I haven’t take a class since, oh, probably the last time I mentioned it here. heh. It was NOT pretty.

I may elaborate on one or more of those subjects. There may be pictures. Maybe not. I like to cultivate an air of mystery.
The Only Sane One: [Geek-tacular]ravenclawizard on April 30th, 2008 12:34 am (UTC)
Srsly. Like the geeky older sister I never had and really want to hang out with. Especially considering I'm gonna be in NYC this summer.
Rennierengirlie87 on April 30th, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
need an adventure? come to elmira :) we have bowling and glass museams and wine tasting and other shenanigans to get into...and you get to see ME!
(no subject) - punkishfaery on April 30th, 2008 06:33 am (UTC) (Expand)
ptimonyptimony on April 30th, 2008 07:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks for not mentioning how I destroyed that Hookah...

Oh crap.