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12 March 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Have I ever told you about my brother (rrcurran13)? I'll have to go back through some of my old posts to see. In the meanwhile, know this: he is cool (read: every bit as geeky as I am, and then some) and talented and has a lovely family (beautiful, sweet wife and three sons who clearly have awesome threaded throughout their DNA). He is also, like his baby sister (that's me!!!), carrying a few extra pounds. And so the Curran weight loss challenge was born.

We start Sunday. woo!

In other health related news*, my knees are less dodgy (*I originally typed in 'knews,' apparently in some sort of silent 'k' proximity thing), and so I went to class tonight. When I first mentioned the knee (and shoulder) ouchiness, one of the other instructors told me that something called 'fifth disease' has been making the rounds. A few of the folks at my gym have contracted it, one of whom got over the worst of the symptoms in a couple of weeks an another for whom it has been months. It occurs to me I really ought to find a GP in this area. I haven't had a physical in... erm... yeah. Looooong time.

Nothing else going on in my life. Seriously. Dull dull dullity dull dull dullness.

What's happening with all of you?

By the bye, I deleted my last post. It was griping, pure and simple, and also very similar to a post a few months past. Thanks to all who responded to my whingy whinginess!
I feel: soresore