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I've got a new joust helm!!!!!

For anyone who heard my tale of taking a lance to the head last summer, you'll know why I'm so pleased. My old helm, while veryvery cool, is hardened leather. I got blasted lucky with that lance hit. It could have cracked my skull, and came horrifyingly near the eye-hole.

As for the new helm? It's metal (may be aircraft aluminum, but I'm not sure), has a visor that lifts (though I probably will keep it closed for expediency's sake) and is not far too large for me, as most pre-made helms are. Listed as a child's helm, it's perfectly suited to my size. It fits, though of course I'll need to pad the heck out of the inside to keep movement to a minimum. Nothing like your eye-holes bouncing up and down to the time of your horse's gait as you try to sight your opponent's shield and target your lance!

See, two of the other jousters on my team needed new helms. Dan, the Indiana Jones of e-bay, has been scouring that site and getting some nice deals. Two weeks ago, I mentioned I'd love to take one of the extras that the boys don't use. Instead, Dan found a helm specifically for me. Seems he wanted to be sure I was safe this summer, or at least safer. I sat through the entire CP rehearsal last night, singing away, and all the time at the back of my head was "New Helm! Wheeeeeee!"
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