Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I was going to give you all a most thorough recap of Saturday’s kickboxing escapades, but the entry was growing unwieldy. I’ll winnow it down for you:


~taught the 9:15 class;* it was fine. Good, even.
~raced home and made myself a sandwich of surpassing yumminess.
~back to the gym to meet up with the other instructors for Field Trip! to Lodi.
~made it to the Lodi branch with minutes to spare. Met the manager (Paul: crazy fit. Tattooed. Looks as if he could fight in the UFC.)
~met other instructors from Hoboken, Pequannock, Clifton, and... er, let’s just say a lot of other places. I have no short term memory, folks.
~was intimidated by every last one of the aforementioned instructors. At the very least, they’ve been kickboxing longer than I (just over a year! I mean, really!) and, of a certainty, instructing longer than I have (just shy of two months! I mean, really!) as well.
~found that the style in Lodi is WORLDS different from what I’m used to. Heavily influenced by MMA, most especially muay thai. Which is awesome and cool, but it also means I was doing everything wrong.
~spent the first twenty minutes being the only instructor that was given corrections and notes. And no, I am not exaggerating. Okay, I’m not exaggerating exorbitantly. But really. It made me want to weep.
~sweated and gasped and wheezed and was pathetic and realized that I am desperately out of shape. I’ve not taken classes on a regular basis since Dad fell ill. Really must get back into shape. This is just embarrassing, especially since I’m teaching this now.
~the Lodi location is huge (certainly in comparison to the Warwick space) and beautiful, but has two walls that are almost entirely plate glass windows. The sun comes streaming in. There are no fans. There is no AC. *melts* And this was in the middle of winter. Summer there is going to be a challenge.
~ended up chatting after class with the two other primary Lodi instructors, who are delightful and really quite nice once I get past the fact they could legitimately kick my ass. Maybe they were just talking to me out of pity, poor red-faced, blobby sweaty mass that I was.

SUNDAY! was a bit less arduous, at least from the kickboxing standpoint.

~taught the 10:30 class. had half a dozen folks. Did a few things I’d picked up from the Lodi class, but then really focused heavily on the two-bag attack. So. Much. Fun.
~got home, showered, got ready to head to Rick’s gig at the Winery.
~the Winery was lovely. Food was great. Rick’s show was, as always, beyond wonderful.
~erm... I had too much wine.
~wonderful conversations, especially with aranturas, melebeth and harpiegirl4
~I have very talented friends. the aforementioned three? I’m talking about you~
~also to the aforementioned three: I had too much wine. Sorry if I got all blithery. And by ‘if,’ I mean, ‘that.’
~despite the too much wine and the blithering, I really appreciate every bit of book talk and writing talk and geek!planning and just plain soaking in that lovely, lovely girl time.

p.s. melebeth: letter game! *squee!*

*ZOMG! young_will!!! She took class and was all ‘round happy making. I miss you, k! come back again soon! oh, and remind me to get you prices for the small group training. :D

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