Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I had a rather strange dream last night.

I was in beautiful old Victorian mansion with a group of people trying to escape from a zombie attack. We ran up winding back stairs and through narrow corridors. We made it to top floor library/study with a small group that included Dawn French and my friend Inga.

Shortly thereafter, we started worrying about whether we had enough water. (I kept drinking, though sparingly, and couldn’t assuage my thirst; woke up later absolutely parched, so there’s that bit explained)

A group of us - about eight or ten - made a run outside down a forest trail to fetch more. On the way back, zombies were after us. There was a wooden stockade style gate that didn’t quite close or latch all the way, but somehow it would prove a barrier - albeit temporary - to keep the zombies out of our enclave. The group running before me shut the gate behind them, despite the fact I was shrieking, “Wait! I’m right here! WAIT!”

They didn’t wait. I managed to squeeze in, but the zombies weren’t far behind. There was an entire mob, and they were led by a woman who was still human, but only just. We climbed to the roof of the Tudor Rose stage, which was right next door to the Victorian mansion, while the woman kept calling up to us to surrender, allow the zombies to devour us, become one of them, no use fighting, she was in control and there was no way out, etc. The stage started shaking and swaying beneath us. It was a leap, but it was possible to make it back to the lovely old Victorian. I wanted to go. Others refused, saying it was better to stay where they were. I leapt and just barely made it to the railing of the balcony. I hauled myself over. When I looked back, the stage was swaying dangerously. Bits were starting to fall off. Dawn French made the leap, surprisingly spry. A few others came, too, but then the structure crumbled into bits and the others were lost as the zombies closed in.

Cut to a girl and I in a car; she was driving. “What are we doing out here?” I asked.

“The leader said we had to get her a white ginger soda and a Red Bull from McDonald’s. If we do, she’ll let us live.”

There were zombies everywhere. There was no way, obviously, a McDonald’s would still be open, but there we were on a fool’s mission. We crashed through barriers of trash bags, other zombies, parked cars...

aaaand then I woke up.
Tags: dreams
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