Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I was certain that yesterday's temperatures would have stripped the trees of any remaining ice by the time I arrived home, and that was the case up through Greenwood Lake. As I drove up the hill toward Ice Cream As Big As Your Head, though, I began to see more and more remnants of the storm. There I passed some invisible border back into Faerieland. The branches were spun from crystal and lit by the pale honey-golden glow of the setting sun. I ached for my camera, even though I knew it could never capture what I was seeing. I found it hard to catch my breath - or mayhap I didn't quite dare to, lest I shatter the fragile beauty.

What's that?

Why yes, I am Hypberbole Lass! I have the ring to prove it! (actually, I don't. this makes me sad.) But really? It was astonishingly lovely, so much so that I decided to venture into today's far less lovely but still rather pretty morning to try to capture a few images. Apparently, it was a bit warmer today. The ice had begun to melt. Oh, and when I say 'melt,' I mean 'warm enough to slip from the trees, plummeting headlong toward the earth and my bare head and t-shirt's scooped neckline.' I got a few lame shots and ran, sissy that I am, back to the house.

At least someone's happy about the storm wrought disaster area that is our front yard. A small herd of deer spent a satisfactory half-hour among the fallen willow branches, alternately nibbling upon the bark and gazing thoughtfully into the distance. One of the more adventuresome babies wandered over to the huge pine branches just outside my kitchen window. After a brief taste, she thought better of it and wandered back to the rest of the herd.
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