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27 January 2008 @ 05:49 pm
x-posted to crimson_pirates  
Thanks to all who braved the cold to come see us on Friday night at Yesterday's! You guys are an awesome audience, and so much fun to play for. The quarters are a bit cramped, to be sure, but the owners are incredibly sweet to give over their pub to our lot, pirates and reprobates though we be. We’ll still be scoping other venues (heck, we had too great a time NOT to want to do this more!), but I’ll never say no to John and Peggy. They rock.

‘Premiering’ our next CD was a bit nerve-wracking. Be kind, kids, and know that we’ve got two more months of rehearsal before we’re in front of the mics. Still, it was good to get the new stuff on its feet and fantastic to share it with such a crowd. As to the other sets: what a revelation. Doing an all-request format really gave us a chance to see what some of your favorites are, and boy-oh-boy, who knew? ‘Charlie Mopps’? ‘Mermaid’? ‘Chicken on a Raft’? Seriously, though: it’s pretty cool to know that some of the songs that we’ve been doing forever are still fun for you guys, and that makes them fun for us. Thanks for that!

Thanks, too, for your donations to the Limping Tim fund. I know that chevalier776 and his mom, turtleott, were very touched by your generosity. You are all made of awesome.

A big ol’ shout-out to Rob P., who not only drove all the way from Connecticut, but also captured some of our musical shenanigans on camera. Check out his YouTube page.

Special mention to curdnerd and his beautiful wife for not only attending, but bringing an enormous round loaf of their roasted garlic-studded bread. If Don and I were nicer, we would have shared it with you lot at the bar. As it was, Don, Ann and I had a midnight wee sma’ feast. Mmmm. Fresh bread from Bobolink Dairy. Sooo good. I feel as if I’m taunting you... and I sort of am. Sorry. But you should all go to their farm, if you’ve not been. It’s a happy place, the owners (and those who work for them) are Good People, and there are cows! And grass-fed raw milk cheeses of surpassing tastiness! And amazing bread! What’s not to love?

Also, a great thanks to Rick Nestler for gracing us with a song. He’ll be performing in this area on Sunday, February 17th at the Warwick Valley Winery. They have a very nice cafe with all sorts of yummies, lots of wine and cider and cordials, and hey! they’ve also got Rick Nestler! Lucky them, and luckier us. Don and I will be there, and so should you.
I feel: ecstaticyay!
Jgrigoricennui on January 28th, 2008 02:29 am (UTC)
You guys have too many good songs to fit into one evening. That was the best CP show I've ever been to. So much fun. The new album sounds great.

Goddessavhi on January 28th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
::raises hand::

Chicken on a raft was my and i_am_entropy's shout. You can blame us for that one. :)

Actually, its the fun and/or silly ones I like to sing along to at the bar! And...come on...its Chicken on a Raft!

But i was really happy to hear Pump Shanty! Me loves Pump Shanty. Speaking of....where is my cd???? must....put...on...ipod...