Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

babble, mostly about music

Oh, the busy-ness of today!

First thing this morning was the 'Instructor Blast,' or whatever it was called, at ClubKO. Hour and a half class, all five instructors alternating cueing. Fun. Oh, and it was my first time in front of all the other instructors, and none of them laughed or pointed or taunted. I call that a win.

Then, it was off to rehearsal. Got lost on the way. fmeh. Fortunately, it was all uphill from there. 'Whiskey in the Jar' has found an entirely new sound (go, crimsontom on the bass!) and tempo. I sucked some of the awesome from 'Rocky Road to Dublin' with my piss-poor field drum playing, but I'll get better. Have been entrusted with tambourine on 'yo ho' intro. So long as I remember I'm responsible for it, it's all good. Likewise the change-up in drumming for 'Bow to Stern.' I knew we'd changed something; unfortunately, I didn't remember what it was until we were a full verse into it. yeep. Also completely spazzed on what the hell I drum for 'Little Beggarman,' but by that point it had been about seventeen hours since I'd last eaten, so I'm blaming it on low blood sugar.

But oh! 'Distant Drums' now has a second harmony on the penultimate verse and chorus, and it's so very lovely. I can not wait for you guys to hear it. I just want to do it justice vocally, and I'm really just a 'decent at best' sort of singer. I'm not fishing, guys. It's just the way it is, and I know that. But... it's my song and I want it to be wonderful.

After rehearsal there was pie and partying. Saw some folks I'd not seen in far too long. Ate badly but enjoyed every bite.

I'm for a glass of wine, the rest of this week's comic books and then to bed. After all, I'm teaching tomorrow, and - brace yourselves, kids - I'm not planning the class in advance. I'll make it up as I go. Wish me well!

Now, for my own purposes:

~ teach 9:15 class. try not to suck
~ make Crimson Pirates LJ community
~ work on two new songs
~ bake cookies for Mom K.
~ laundry
~ bodhran and/or pennywhistle practice
~ set up online bill payments for mortgage and cable... FINALLY
~ gather costume pieces for quueer
~ assemble holiday parcels... FINALLY
~ address the chaos that is my wee kitchen I didn't finish, but madea fien start

Oh! Forgot to mention that the Crimson Pirates will be playing at Yesterday's on either January 25th or February 1st. I'll let you know the exact date as soon as I do!
Tags: crimson pirates, kickboxing, pie
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