Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,


If I don't go in to work tomorrow (that is, if it snows. a LOT), I'll fully answer all of the question-meme-things AND any backlogged memes I've got going. I solemnly swear.

and in one-eyed kitty news, I sort of started checking out adoption criteria JUST TO SEE. these guys are hardcore - as they should be! - including follow-up visits in the home once the animal is adopted, reference checks and conversations with your current vet. dude... they might not want me, even if I resolved to adopt one-eyed kitty. The adoption form is FIVE PAGES LONG. Very intimidating.

OH!!! but I now have another cat that someone needs to adopt like NOW. He's ten (I think). Black coat, gold eyes, very fine manners. The owner decided she didn't want him anymore. Also? he's the size of a miniature horse. Ridiculously sweet and patient. How the hell could anyone give him up?

EDIT: really crappy picture of the normally adorable one eyed kitty
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