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Today, in bullet points:

  • Dropped off Don’s car. Driving back from Hoboken on nearly-bald tires during an unexpected snowfall Sunday last reminded us that new tires were a rather urgent necessity. Will retrieve car tomorrow, as there was another unexpected snowfall today.

  • Went to B&N to take advantage of the extra discount. We were going to go tomorrow, but Don had heard that Saturday was supposed to be rather seriously snowy, so he took the day off from work and to the bookstore we did go. Got some decent shopping done and helped a customer in the teen fiction section. Hey, she heard me talking about books with someone else and asked if I could help her. Can you imagine me saying “No”?

  • Stopped, on my suggestion, at the Music Store Formerly Known As Victor’s (it’s now Guitar something-or-other) to check out the prices on drum kits. For those of you who don’t know, Don’s a fantastic bodhran player. He’s quite good on other hand drums and percussion as well, but for the past couple of years he’s really wanted to get a full kit and learn how to play - lessons and all. As of today, we’re halfway there. He got a decent deal on a rather nice kit (along with hardware and cymbals and throne). Now to get him some lessons. I’ve already assured him I have no problem with him practicing in the house (though we will be getting a set of mute pads); I’ve even offered to wear tight jeans and a Detroyt* t-shirt and drop dry ice into water while he plays. My hair, of course, will be as big as humanly possible.

  • Went to Pearl Paint to get an art kit for my eight year old nephew. Found the wares to be sadly lacking. Went, instead, to PetSmart and introduced Don to the one-eyed kitten. It’s right next door; I couldn’t be in the area and not say hello to the baby. She was, as usual, adorable. If she’s not adopted by the first week in January, I may have to do something drastic. **

  • The snow that was supposed to fall tomorrow fell, instead, today. Aggressively. The accumulation wasn’t great, but it was swift and sudden. I decided to brave the mountain into Greenwood Lake. Trusty snow tires or no, driving that route was a challenge. At one point, traffic came to a complete halt. When it moved forward once more, I’d lost both momentum and traction. Poor Moya. She was dreadfully unhappy. Still, we made it home, safe and mostly sound. I’m rather proud of my mad winter driving skillz.

  • Continued to get my house Holiday Ready. Which means, really, that I spent time cleaning and organizing and doing all the things most normal people do all the time. Don got his office Drum Kit Ready.

  • Leftover tacos and red beans and rice for dinner. Fire in the woodstove. Purring kitties. Comic books. Clean laundry. Bubble bath. Flipping through the books I bought for my nieces and nephews. A happy evening, indeed.

*kerry c., that’s totally for you.

**I did take a household poll: “Anyone who wants us to have a one-eyed kitty, be furry!” It was 3 to 1. Or, rather, 3.5 to .5 . Don has Wookie way way back on his family tree.
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