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20 November 2007 @ 10:21 pm
This one's for kiarasayre

yay! lots and lots of yay ahead!

Sarah Jane takes down laser defenses and moto-cross defense? with her sonic lipstick? AWESOME!

the whole Mr. Smith *grand music/smoke/light show thing* sort of pays off by making him be all EEEVLLLL!

Yay, Clyde! Not fully useless; not at all!

YAY, Maria's dad! Cutie cutie AND all adorable about, "I'm in this now, too!" And he's Man of Action, pushing Maria and Sarah Jane out of the way of Unexpected Firepower. hee!

kid Slitheen needs a smack.

ooo! kickass TK Luke! sweeet.

HEE! Malt vinegar bottles in hand: "I'm armed!" Oh, Maria's dad. You don't need to up the cute. I'm already crushing.

Pulling the moon in = ridiculous but awesome. I'm going with you, SJA.

Uh, Chrissie? Quit calling Alan (I caved to imdb; I couldn't keep calling him 'Maria's Dad,' could i?) Don't you have that Ivan guy? GO. AWAY. You have no idea how much I could kick your ass. (oh, and Chrissie? stop your trash talk about Sarah Jane. the hell?)

Once again: geez, but I want Sarah Jane's wardrobe. That grey leather jacket is gorgeous.

yayes! Alan Jackson to the rescue! I love how the Armageddon virus indicator on the screen actually has a skull and crossbones... y'know, in case you were in any doubt.

Sarah Jane is badass. You know who else is badass? K-9! That's who! Get 'em, boy! Good dog! WOOO!

Nice: rewrite the hard drive (aka crystal thingy aka Mr. Smith) so you don't have to ditch the entire conceit for the second season. Also shows us that Sarah Jane is really, really smart. :)

erm... there will be a second season, right?
I feel: dorkydorky