Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I'm a bit abashed by the amount of television* I've been watching of late.

~The Sarah Jane Adventures: sure, they're geared toward a younger audience, but Sarah Jane Smith is a million kinds of awesome. I've mentioned the boots. Also, the kids are terrific, the scripts are fun, and I'm crushing on Maria's dad. Who is dead cute.

~Robin Hood: the newer series on BBC, that is. I've talked about this a bit before. Still hate the costumes, still think the scripts are sort of 'meh,' but the actors are - for the most part - delightful. Richard Armitage's Guy of Gisbourne, however, is bone-meltingly sexy, in no small part because of his voice. yum.

~Reaper: not brilliant, but pretty solid. Appealing cast (mostly) and yay! Delores Herbig as a DMV demon! woo!

~Project Runway: stupid fecking Bravo. I do NOT like reality shows - except for when Bravo does them. Well, when Bravo does them and they focus on fashion or food. Interior design? Not so much, though that did produce the worst elimination line ever: "See you later, decorator." Anyway, the new season of PR has started. Tim Gunn is there. That's pretty much all I care about.

~Dinner: Impossible!: Robert Irvine is made of win. He's probably a right tool in real life, but I'm not ever going to meet him, am I? So who cares? Fun show. I always get ridiculously caught up. "Oh, there is no way he can possibly do this! Not this time. NO WAY!" He inevitably rises to the challenge and I heave a sigh of relief and say, "oooo! that looks amazing!" about pretty much every single dish.

~Heroes: this has been a lackluster season, but it's had its moments. And tonight - oh, it was a bad five or six minutes for this HRG-loving gal (even if I did figure out pretty quickly how they could - and did - make things right). Also, Matt Parkman wants a good smack. And I miss Claude.

~Chuck: My favourite new show of the season. Fun, smart scripts with gaping plot holes I'm willing to overlook since I love the cast so. Adam Baldwin is clearly having a blast. Zach Levi = &hearts. And re: tonight's ep: the kiss - you know the one I mean - YAY! And SWEET! And you just knew that container was going to hold a Bryceicle, didn't you? 'Cause heaven forfend we get to see too much of that adorable Chuck grin. gah!

*Spoilers for various shows, most notably Heroes and Chuck ('cause they just aired).
Tags: television
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