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21 February 2004 @ 07:02 pm
latest in the quest for a house  
We saw the mortgage consultant today. She was very down to earth and made certain that we understood everything she was talking about. One item in particular had to be explained a couple of times, but she was beyond patient. We were there for nearly two hours, signing papers and giving her the documents she had requested. Friends have warned us that when you buy a house, you write a lot of checks and find a lot of costs you never anticipated. This is so very true. Just looking at the overall closing costs nearly broke my head.

I am exhausted. How can that be? I sat at a freakin' desk signing papers. How could that possibly tire me out? Perhaps it's emotional fatigue. eep. Maybe it was writing a sizeable check for the consultant.

Oh, we were so early to the appointment, we decided to take a drive. Since I remembered how to get there, we drove to what is hopefully soon to be our house. We just pulled in the driveway, looked for a moment, and turned around to go back. We'll be there again tomorrow, though, because that is *DUH DUH DUHM!* the Inspection. And another big check. If that goes well, we let our mortgage consultant know to go ahead securing the loan. Then we get an attorney and start haggling closing dates. And write out more checks.
Ratesjul: mistratesjul on February 21st, 2004 04:23 pm (UTC)
*sends lots of luck*
Stealth Chaos Butterflybunnymcfoo on February 21st, 2004 08:39 pm (UTC)
Ohh! ::does the much luck to you dance and collapses in a heap of breathless anticipation::

I'm getting vicarious grown up highs off of you. ::grin::

And I really hope the inspection goes all well and good, and that things roll smoothly for you and that you get your house and only wonderful and happy things happen there.

Hyper? Me? ::huggles Kel and dashes off:: Nahhhh. =P