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did I just hear a pack of coyotes howling? And if it wasn't coyotes, what was it? Not wolves, not where I live.

Not 'wolves' in the traditional sense of the word, anyway.

I started to push the curtains aside to look out into the night and then thought better of it. My mind - after dark especially - twists any and everything that may be perfectly normal into MegaCreepy. This is why I can't see scary movies at all. Ever. And why I'm still so very cranky with Steven Moffatt for the Doctor Who episode 'Blink.'

they're howling again. meep.

also: how can people let their pets roam? There are coyotes around, apparently, not to mention other beasties and cars driven by people who don't give a good god-damn about anything other than getting somewhere very very quickly.

oh, yeah - and were-critters.
Tags: things that go bump
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