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05 November 2007 @ 10:41 pm
kitty kitty kitties!  
wherein I take Isabeau to the vet.

When we moved to Warwick, one of the first things I did was to ask around to find a good vet for the kitties. It’s important. We were leaving particularly awesome vets in Hawthorne (who, by the way, still ask after our girls - ‘cause they’re awesome) whom we found after a Very Bad experience at a local cat hospital.

On someone’s recommendation, we took the girls to the Goosepond Animal Hospital in Monroe. It’s a bit of a hike - about twenty five minutes away - but the vets and all of the staff are fantastic. I’m sure I’ve posted entries about them before. Anyway, a few months past a new veterinary hospital opened quite near my house. I could walk to it, did I want to lug fourteen pounds of fat kitty in a plastic carrier. Driving, it’s about three or four minutes. What the hell, thought I. All the kitties are due for their shots and checkups, and Zinda’s claws need some serious trimming. Why not check out the new guys? If I like them, great. If not, I’ll go back to Goosepond.

Today was the first visit. Isabeau drew the short straw. She’s a beautiful cat, and very sweet, but she’s an absolute pillow. I feed her properly. I play with her. Still, she’s what we call a Big Girl. Anyway, I thought I’d find out if her pillowness was affecting her health.

I brought the carrier up from the basement last night. Jilly and Isabeau made themselves scarce. Zinda climbed into it, said, “Hmm. Cool.” and then curled up before the wood stove. Today, Isabeau was a model patient as I scooched her into the carrier (and, of course, the moment I’d shut the door, Z. ran over and was all, “Hey, what’re you doing? Can I come in? Mom? Can I go in with... where are you going can I go...” Oh, Zinda. Just wait until Friday.) The ride to the vet’s was far less traumatic than usual: no pathetic yowling, no panting, huddled into a corner of the carrier - but I’m sure that’s because on such a short drive, she had no time to get all worked up. That was saved for the office itself.

We walked in to the sound of high pitched kitty yowling.* Isabeau shot me a look and retreated to the back of the carrier. Within a few minutes, we were in an examination room with a vet tech (a sweetheart, by the way) and a scale (oh, Isabeau: I feel you pain!). The trick was getting her out of the carrier. She wouldn’t come out on her own, nor would she let me scooch her out. The tech and I upended the carrier, but when I peeked in, tubby Isabeau was braced inside like River Tam on a ceiling. At last, we took the carrier apart and lifted the very disgruntled kitty from the wreckage. After weighing (she’s actually dropped almost a pound since her last checkup!) I waited for the vet to come in.

“Hi!” The vet was, I confess, kind of cute, and he was grinning. “Good to see you!”

erm? I shook his hand. “Likewise!”

“Long time no see. So, this is Isabeau?” Points for pronouncing it correctly, even more adorable since I heard him practice it with the vet tech before coming in, but big ???? for the "longtimenosee!" I didn’t quite play the, “Oh right! I know you!” game, but neither did I confess I’d never seen this guy before. It came out in conversation (that is, when he was explaining how cool the new rabies vaccine is since they don’t use the dead virus but rather a protein extracted from a bit of RNA (and how that works)) that he used to work at Goosepond. Mu guess is that if he gets anyone in whose record says they're from Goosepond, he treats them as if he has taken care of their pets. Either that or I have, in fact, seen him at Goosepond before and am insane and losing bits of my memory. Anyway, I like him. A lot. He took time to explain the effects of age on the feline eye after telling me that, in point of fact, Isabeau's eyes are gorgeous and clear and not the eyes of an eleven year old cat. When the exam was done, he ran through the list, “Her eyes are great, ears nose and throat are fine, teeth are just beautiful, lymph nodes are all good, heart is excellent, stomach feels good... she’s a little pudgy.” heh. Yeah, she is. I give you that, Adorable Vet.**

Bottom line: I really like this vet and his staff and the facility. Five minutes in the car for the kitties is less trauma then twenty five minutes. So, I think we have a new vet! Zinda goes in Friday, and I’ll probably take Jilly on Monday.

*Turns out the high pitched kitty yowling of earlier was actually a very vocal yappy dog with a sore ear. hee! And said dog loved me and proved it by licking my nose a whole lot as I was waiting to settle up for Isabeau.

**oh! and I almost forgot: extra geek points for this - when he was examining her eyes and explaining to me, quite science-geekily, how the eye deteriorates, he said, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.” Indiana Jones quoting veterinarian! NERDFIGHTERS!!!

Isabeau in less pillowy days
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pheylanpheylan on November 6th, 2007 01:00 pm (UTC)
What? No picture of the cute/geeky vet? *g* I've had to take a cat carrier apart at the vet before. I suspect that it happens fairly often as most of them seem to be made to be taken apart easily.
Vampcurse: X3Beastvampcurse on November 6th, 2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
I love how all the pictures of your kitties look like they are in a Calvin Klein ad.

Kathy: Seraphinatoosha on November 6th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
Good vets are so great to find. I currently haven't changed Sera's yet so I have to lug her yowling to Boonton. I don't like the guy who did her stitches earlier this year.

May I have the information on the Hawthorne Vet? If anything from Garfield it has to be a little bit shorter drive than Boonton.
Kel: Kitten!Tenladyjoust on November 6th, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC)

I saw two different vets there, both of them women, and they were fantastic (as was all the staff). Karen and Alen take their cat there, too, so if you need a more recent report on the vets on staff, they're the ones to talk to! Good luck, and I hope you like them.