Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

In case you were wondering, what really spurred my burning need to get back to exercising regularly was a pair of jeans.

Before I went on vacation, my size 8s were fitting well - a bit loosely, even. My first day back at work, I pulled a pair of jeans from the closet and tugged them on to find that they were quite snug. I was pretty sure they'd been in the dryer recently, so I figured they'd loosen up as the day went on. Not so much.

It's been a good five days since I've worn those jeans. I've worked out three times, minded my portions, drank plenty of water... Still, when I put them on this morning, they were still snug. The hell? I tugged them back off, ready to resign myself to living in pajama pants for the next few weeks, when - quite on a whim - I checked the tag. They were size 6 - my 'skinny' jeans. heh. I'm a dope.

So, the bad news is I'm not fitting as I'd like in the skinny jeans, but the good news is that the 8s are just fine.

Now I must go to the grocery store to buy a tub of Godiva ice cream in celebration gather many nutritious foodstuffs in preparation for the long siege of NaNoWriMo.
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