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keep those pokes and prods coming

Don't think that the idea of being ashamed to report back to my flist didn't motivate my kickboxing attendance this weekend. Oh, the power you wield!

Sadly, I've lost enough of my muscle tone and stamina that come yesterday morning, I was still a bit sore from Wednesday's class. Imagine my abject horror delight when I saw that Trish was teaching. The best I can say is that I made it through. Barely. And my abs muscles have, apparently, the consistency of candy floss. By day's end, I was feeling sore from my neck to my toes. Considered backing out of class this morning, but no! I'd promised that (barring other events such as Dad's forthcoming memorial service) I'd be attending both weekend days, and so I will.

Today was an Angela class. yay! except for the part where I'm now whimpering and drained. Discovered I'd also lost a considerable amount of flexibility. Excellent. I'll just add that to the list.

Still, it's a decent start to Project GetTheHellBackInShape.

I'll keep you posted.
Tags: being a load, kickboxing
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