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Dad update

I've been staying with my mom the past few days. Late Monday, Dad was moved to Yale/New Haven and given a lovely room in their Neuro-surgical ICU. Early the next day, he had an angiogram. When mom and I went to see him, he was still coming out of the anesthaesia. He was very groggy, only partly aware we were there, and still he managed to keep slipping out of his oxygen mask.

The surgeon who did the angio told us there was no sign of an aneurysm. Not entirely sure what caused the bleeding, though it might have been hypertensive. In any event, his brain tissue isn't the healthiest to begin with (showing signs of cerebral atherosclerosis). The doctor said there was, so far, no indication of any new bleeding, but they wanted to keep Dad in NICU for a few days and do another CT scan on Monday. *

We didn't visit yesterday; I spent my day cleaning the house and wrestling the mini-fridge out onto the lawn (sheer comedy, that), and then Kerry and Mom and I went out for a lovely dinner at Adrienne's, which I'll tell you about in another entry 'cause it seems weird to go from, "So the surgeon said that dad's brain tissue is friable and, by the way, wasn't the lime tart amazing?".

Mom and I planned to go up today. Six in the morning, the phone rang. I think I was out the door of my bedroom and into mom's room before I'd even opened my eyes. It was another of his doctors: Dad's oxygen was really low, and he may have pneumonia (not uncommon, considereing, but again: I'm not going into that). The main reason she was calling so early is that she didn't know when we'd be showing up, and didn't want us to be alarmed when we saw him on a ventilator. So... yeah. Pneumonia, possible CHF (we'll know more tomorrow after the lovely doctor we met today (I can't recall what the hell her specialty is - something cardio- or pulmonary - or something) does some tests) and he's definitely on oxygen for the time being. May be just a day or two; let's hope. Oh, and he's on Lasix and antibiotics and is sedated so that he can be as comfortable as anyone can possibly be with a tube down one's throat.

It must be noted that all the nurses rock. So very much.

I'd ask, "what next?" but I'm truly afraid we'd find out. "Mrs. Kelly's Dad? Yes, does your husband have a history of scurvy?"

*Pending the CT scan results, craniotomy isn't off the table. They still aren't 100% certain what caused the bleeding. One way to find out would be to open him up, dig down to the area of the original bleed and look at the blood vessels, possibly with a view to shoring them up... if they could. The surgeon isn't keen to do this unless he's really, REALLY certain it's necessary, or even if it would do any good
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